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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  September 28, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ben: mostly cloudy skies will cover the area today highs in upper 70s. pretty warm out there this morning. could see some scattered showers and more rain later in the week. mike woods has the full forecast. >> pope francis has landed in rome after his tour of the u.s. over 1 million people attended the papal mass in philadelphia. >> ben: president obama will address the united nations general assembly this morning. he will meet with putin later today for the first time in more
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than a year. >> juliet: the woman who helped two inmates escaped will be sentenced today. she will ace up to seven years behind bars. >> ben: it is september 28. 6:00 a.m. nice weekend out there. it felt like fall though. spee1 especially in the morning, you need that sweater. >> ben: no sweater. >> mike: the guys say no sweater. we are all pasty looking. it we always like to do that, stretch the summer a bit longer.
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hope you had a great weekend. the weather is more cooperative 66 degrees in central park and new arc. a day with mix sky in the tri-state. partly cloudy skies and it will thicken up as time goes on. rain chances are not that great today. maybe a quick sprinkle. high pressure is in control giving us a drier sky. the moisture over the southeast atlantic waters and gulf of mexico will work its way up towards the tri-state area. it will then make for a messy scenario in two days. partly to mostly cloudy skies today, tomorrow rain chances fire up in the morning. light rain could pass through but more likely you'll see
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day on tuesday and wednesday. looks like wednesday will be a soaker of a day. today partly cloudy skies, high high temp of 79 degrees. very warm today and tomorrow. shower chances pick up later today and wednesday. let's bring in ines and take a look at the commutes. >> ines: a messy morning. street cleaning rules are suspended today. today and tomorrow for religious observances. meters remain in effect. putnam county are fine. a tractor trailer struck the guard well and spilled the pipes over the row. the bell parking way was shut down and you can see traffic delays.
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bridge, the traffic is moving fine but i'm trying to see what is going on. maybe maybe some metal on the road, the bridge which cause flat tires. let's go to 59th street bridge. queens bound on the upper level you have delays because the lower level is moving slow. the lanes just open and doing fine. the united nations general assembly is going on in pres. obama is in town so it closes the perimeter. the fdr drive is open, the 42nd street ramp is close. fdr and seventh avenue is closed because of the president's in town. fine this morning.
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>> ben: thank you. pres. obama is in new york to address the united nations general assembly this morning. it's a busy day for the president. he'll be meeting with putin later this morning traces covering events there. >> reporter: morning. pres. obama will speak today at 10:30 am. 30:00 a.m. glad amir putin will speak around 1215. both men will take a good portion of their speeches to address syria and also talk about it when they meet behind closed doors. >> the general assemblies call to order. >> reporter: people will be watching to see what will, of of the public addresses and high-profile meetings. arriving in town yesterday, today the president will give his address to the general assembly. he will talk about world issues like poverty, famine, and
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>> here, today, we put those myths to rest. >> reporter: sunday the president addressed a smaller contingent calling on global leaders to commit a 15 year development plan which will cost trillions of dollars around the world. calls for maternal death during childbirth decrease, women's education worldwide and preventable diseases like ebola and aids be greatly reduced. >> many children are one mosquito bite away from death and that is an outrage. it is a profound injustice. it it is literally a matter of life and death and now the world must act. >> reporter: also on the to do list today a meeting with russia's president, glad amir putin. the most anticipated sitdown the
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it will be their first meeting in nearly one year. it comes as relations have deteriorated in part because of russia's military support of series regime. a way to help that nation help fight night isis. the area surrounding the un will be a traffic nightmare. traffic closures will remain in effect the rest of the week. one other note tomorrow pres. obama will be sitting down with cuba's president. this is the second time the two men will meet with each other since the u.s. and cuba restored diplomatic relations last year. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. pope francis is back home at the vatican this morning. >> ben: it's interesting to see him go. it was nice to have them here a few days. a big day over the weekend. 1 million people attended the pope's massive billy before he
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boarded the flight home. robert moses is outside st. patrick's cathedral. he is now and forever more, our official pope reporter. >> reporter: good morning. early this morning pope francis tweeted his thanks to the american people. hopefully he is resting soundly today in rome. he had a trip. he touched so many people on his visit to the city, including at st. patrick's cathedral. in fact despite the traffic problems it is sad to see him go. through the window of his plane he waved goodbye to the united states, one last time. vice president joe biden and his wife jill saw him off. the american people fell in love with the holy father during his visit and from the sounds of it, he fell love with them.
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in the u.s. celebrating mass in philadelphia before it nearly 1 million people. >> this has to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be this close to the pope. >> reporter: earlier he met with prisoners, family family members, staff at a correctional facility. he also tackled the painful abuse scandal that scarred the church. some criticize the father same bishops handled it well. he expressed his pain for what they and others endured. >> god weeps. >> reporter: the pope's visit reinvigorated the people. a larger crowd than usual at st. patrick's cathedral the first sunday after his visit. >> he inspired us to come to the cathedral. we are both catholic and coming
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to mass this morning. >> i ask you, please to pray for me. may god bless you all. god bless america. >> reporter: i was fortunate enough to be invited to the mass square garden, by the silversmith who made the chalice the pope used to celebrate mass. that silversmith is a longtime friend of the pope. i was fortunate enough to meet the holy father following the mass. these are some photos taken by the pope's official photographer. i asked him for prayers for my loved ones and i promise to pray for him as well. i wish and safe travels. it was an unforgettable moment. i have to say thanks to the silversmith who invited me and
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the official vatican photographer for capturing this moments. that way i could just savor them and i worry about taking pictures of my own. so thanks to him and thinks adrian. that's the latest. back to. >> ben: did he continue to exhume that warmth that we all associate with him? >> reporter: he sure did. he blessed adrian, the silversmith. he put his hand on his head and said a prayer. i sleep privately with adrian. he continued ministering to people in that private room. at the end of a long day, he still had the energy and warmth to greet each of us.
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he kinda pulls you into him and doesn't let go until you let go. i was like enough to be in his embrace twice in that room. you didn't want to leave. it was incredible. >> thank you for sharing that with us. you should definitely framed those pictures. 6:12 a.m. the former prison worker who helped two inmates escape will >> ben: mitchell could get up to seven years behind bars. she admitted she gave hack saws and tools to matt and sweat. she prisoner gave her her. the two broke out of the correctional facility in june. there on the run for three weeks, matt was killed and sweat was recaptured. >> ben: an update on the forecast. >> mike: later in the week we
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today is mostly cloudy skies. temperature at 66 degrees and close to 80 degrees today. maybe a few sprinkles and that would be about it. fox 5 ny weather app is that the apple itunes store and google place store. it has an interactive radar. search fox five ny weather. we will be right back. good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect
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>> a super blood moon was in the sky last night over new york. a combination of two celestial events. was a super moon where the moon appears larger than normal. for the blood part, it's a lunar eclipse. the earth's shadow covers the moon and the moon takes on a reddish tint because the light is read directed through the light atmosphere. the last time it happened at once was 1982. the combination will the combination will not happen again until 2033. lot of pictures of it online. send us your pictures if you have that. >> some people some people got
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the really bright red action on it. >> ben: 10:00 o'clock or so last night, i had bright red eyes. >> mike: i did not see it. some not so much. still pretty cool. doesn't seem every time we talk about it another one pops up. >> ben: it's not going to happen for 50 years. >> mike: it's closer to the earth so it appears bigger. that happens often to. here's what we have on the almanac. seventy-one is the the average high. we are above normal by quite a bit. sixty-five is is your low so far for the day. 66 degrees right now but quite
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not a record but warm for sure. the dewpoint is 59 degrees. it's 64 in belmar, 58 and bridgeport. we have some air pressure coming together in the next few days which will make for a messy scenario. today mostly cloudy skies, a quick passing shower may be it. rain chances tomorrow pick up later in the day and on wednesday. it will have a hard time getting through here. it will keep the rain and thunderstorms going for us on wednesday and throughout the day which we need. mostly cloudy today with high temp at 79 degrees. maybe a quick sprinkle today blows drop-down between 61 and
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68. the next seven days will have a better chance of rain. wednesday will be a washout day with showers and storms. thursday will be rain and friday will be drier. this weekend on sunday will be a high of 69. and now back to ines. >> ines: good morning. i met her at the wine party. let's talk about traffic. nothing going on in new jersey. problems the new new york. there's traffic close between coney island and knapp street.
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a lot going on. grand central pkwy. is in accidents by laguardia airport as you approach 94 street exit. heavy delays on the westbound side. look at the tappan zee bridge. a couple of things, midspan, midspan there is some type of metal debris spill across flat tires. a truck also had fuel look leaking on the road. fifty-ninth st. bridge bridge was a stall on lower level, traffic moving fine upper and lower levels. the un general assembly's' going on here's the deal. the closure is more than it normally is. fdr drive is open. on and off of 42nd street is close. the perimeter between first avenue, including fdr drive and seventh avenue between 60 and 34 street. that is the area you want to avoid. trains are fine this morning.
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suspended, meters are in effect. >> ben: it will be an emotional day it worn hills high school in new jersey. >> is the first time since evan murray died. the quarterback claps after being hit during a game on friday. grief counselors will be at the school today. a gofundme page gofundme page has collected more than $40000 to help his family. an autopsy has been performed on saturday but no official word on what has caused his death. his funeral will be on thursday. >> ben: two girls are missing, three-year-old destiny mccoy and her two-year-old sister banished after court sister vanished after court order visit with their biological mother. please say she failed to return them on saturday. she was last seen on saturday by their foster parents. if you have any information
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1800, 577 tips. governor cuomo says everybody can afford a college education. >> bat and more coming up. we'll be right back so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder]
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but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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. >> welcome back, it is 6:24 a.m. immunity colleges could be free of governor, has its way. way.
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tuition at the states can unity colleges. new york has among the highest tuition in the nation. president obama has announced a plan to give free tuition but states have to pick up 25% of the cost. , wants to offer an additional $500 million. >> ben: healthwatch. good news for some patients. some women in early stages of breast cancer do not need chemotherapy. genetic testing shows those women are likely to respond to hormone blocking drugs and chemo actually did little good. the study was led by a researcher in new york. >> more than 30,000 than 30,000 people took part in the run that took place yesterday. >> ben: a great event. it starts at the rockland battery tunnel they run through the tunnel through manhattan and across from the world trade center. it honors those who died
6:26 am
helping others on 911. the man was a firefighter who left his truck and ran through the tunnel to the tire towers. the organization does much good, recently the help families and police officers who were shot and killed last year in brooklyn. they buy their houses so they went have to keep a mortgage payments. more top stories when we come back. >> stay with us it is now
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>> look at that. clouds out out there today could bring showers this evening. rain heading our way maybe on tuesday night into wednesday. we need the rain it will be an up-and-down week. warm, cool, windy perhaps. >> president obama and glad amir putin will address un general assembly today. the two leaders will sit down for the first time in nearly one year. >> ben: mayor diblasio will talk about homelessness. he wants the city to hire more lawyers to help people avoid eviction. >> ben: plus big changes with credit card users. intended to cut down on fraud. good morning i'm in for juliet today. spee2 it is september 28, october just a few days away. we had a great weekend. i thought the weather certainly
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entire time he was here. and now that he is gone, the rain comes. >> mike: i know it will turn gray. it it was exciting and great to have him. the weekend was great. a bit of a change. even though we have more more clouds outside, our temps will be warm. if you appreciate that then you have something to look for two today. it 66 degrees in central park. sixty-four and belmar. temps are a bit warmer than what we see this time of year. we have gotten used to warm stuff but we'll see some changes in a couple of days. today partly cloudy sky and thicken up as time goes on. chance for light rain or sparkle passing by late in the afternoon and evening. not a big threat at all. high pressure is in control
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eventually the moisture over the gulf of mexico will combine and come down from alaska are not alaska, canada. it will bring us cool air and a good shot of rain in a few days. a high of 79 degrees today. low of 68 and cloudy skies. tomorrow a lot of clouds and shower chances late. wednesday could be a washout with showers and storms throughout the day. thursday the rain wraps up. let's bring in ines and you have been busy. that is with the accidents. there'll be more happening outside as well. >> ines: right now there's a lot going on.
6:31 am
traffic expect delays. as you approach coney island avenue all lanes are blocked because of a tractor-trailer and a lot of displays. it's built pipes over the road. staten island expressway traffic building, approaching bradley avenue. grand central pkwy. in front of laguardia airport there is an accident that is moved up to the side. delays westbound as you approach 94 street. westchester bound is a bit of an incident involving metal on the road causing flat tires. everything was pushed off the roadway here. westchester bound you have delays on the tappan zee bridge. back to. >> president obama arrived in new york yesterday. >> ben: he will address the general assembly and that is just the start of a busy day for
6:32 am
the president. tresa is outside the un where we thought the traffic would get better this week but that's not the case. >> reporter: that is just part of it. you know there is media all over the place here. all of the street closers because of the world leaders in town. avoid this avoid this area if you can. more about that in a bit. today all eyes are on the un. people are watching what the public leaders say in their dresses but also of view high-profile sitdown's. president obama will speak at 10:30 am. he came to town yesterday and spoke before a he implored other nations to come together for the good of those who are struggling. he laid out and ambition 15 your
6:33 am
plan to reduce poverty, prevent disease and improve the treatment of women, worldwide. take a look at his address from yesterday. >> we will have to bring you more on that in the next half hour. at the president said is he feels as though a world of global body we need to come together to help the less fortunate. it is our responsibility to do so. he is hoping other world leaders see it that way. he will sit down with glad amir putin today. they have not not sat down in about ten months, today they will have a high profile meeting behind closed doors. the two men can't agree on what they should talk about, our president wants to talk about ukraine, president putin wants to talk about syria. no doubt both topics will be on
6:34 am
at length. the traffic situation is a nightmare, avoid at all costs. if you want to know about specific street closures they are on the website, fox 5 back to. >> mayor diblasio is stepping up his fight to prevent homelessness. to hire more lawyers to help those facing eviction. one third of the families living in shelters lost their home. the legal service will cost about 60 milli- dollars per year. about double of what they spend now. it is more cost-effective to keep people in their homes than paper shelters once they have been evicted. >> it was a warrant against using illegal emission years ago. they warn them not to use the software back in 2007. volkswagen admitted they use the
6:35 am
vehicle since 2008. that promise to provide a free fix. >> ben: now joining us is lauren to tell us about a big change affecting credit card users. >> how is your monday going? this is my credit card. i have a little microchip on here. this is is the chip technology, everyone uses it in europe. what this is, it is a minicomputer. it has unique data that is only your data. it also has a unique code that changes all the time. it it is intended to make your transactions more say. you may have seen this being used. on thursday some of the rules change. you will you will see more retailers say, don't swipe the magnetic strip on the
6:36 am
back please insert it into our system. it takes takes a few seconds longer but then it can read the chip. i can't say guaranteed but try to guarantee that you are you and your credit card is yours and we can cut back on counterfeiting which cost billions of dollars per year. >> ben: i swiped and i said is that a chip card and i said yes and i had to put it in the chip reader. >> and i took a few seconds right. >> yeah i took just a few seconds. >> they say it's about five to ten seconds. it's a small amount of time. some people feel weird us inserting their credit card like something is eating it. >> ben: thank you lauren. >> don't miss lauren on our sister network.
6:37 am binder. something major has been discovered on mars and will be talked about today. >> ben: it's not about green men but about water. not the frozen water but about images from the mars orbiter showing water on the surface. this could be a game changer because researchers could be one step closer to finding life. it could accelerate the plan to send people to mars. it could accelerate the plan to send people to mars. folks are heading out to work or school, here's what's going on mostly cloudy skies. it is going to be on the warm side today. it 65 now high temps will be in the upper 70s. it will be quite warm. rain chances are minimal if any at all.
6:38 am
what's going on and see what's going on the rails are doing fine, the roads are problem. >> the eastbound is closed the un general assembly is going on. you want to avoid the perimeter. his 34th between fdr drive and seventh avenue is the area to avoid. buses delays are possible. let's take a look at sports let's take a look at sports coming up, it wasn't quite the fumble but it was bad. the jets cough it up against the eagles. we we will discuss when we come back. >> ben: plus the latest entertainment news coming up. >> will tell you what happened
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more coming up. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community
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>> monday morning, check in the headlines for you. resident obama is in town. he will be be at the united nations today.
6:42 am
assembly. about the long-term effects of war. he will also meet with president glad amir putin. >> two girls are missing. three-year-old destiny mccoy and her two-year-old sister vanished after court order visit with her biological mother. there are lasting out round spill on saturday. >> ben: 51-year-old joyce mitchell, is back in court today she is the former prison worker who help matt and sweat escape from a super max facility in upstate new york. she could get up to seven years behind bars. >> duke is here with a look at sports. >> duke is here with a look at sports everyone was feeling good about the when. the eagles came in and beat up on the jets. having's the jets had a chance
6:43 am
there down 17-zero, marshall tried to throw the ball but fumbles it, it recovered by the eagles. they call that one of the dumbest place in nfl history. there is a seven-year touchdown pass and jets had another great chance after eagles turnover but they struggled. this was picked off and the eagles beat the jets 24-17. jets are now 2-1 in the year. on another football note it looks like cruise that will make his 2015 debut on sunday when big blue travels to buffalo. yankees are trying to clinch a playoff.
6:44 am
the white sox. i would start. it was one run and six inning. they continue to make a push, a solo home run to the right. the yankees win 6-1. the magic number is three. the meds clinch the national east, he skipped us start to give some rest. seem to be the right thing to do. harvey has been pretty good. one run and just six innings. met back up no problem mets win 8-1. icing on the cake for mets fan,
6:45 am
they exchange words and it escalates. apparently he was upset and there's a bit of history there, and it was on. matt williams, the manager, apparently the other day harper wasn't too pleased that they called it tired. you can joke with anybody. game two and conference finals, new new york is up one game to non-. sixty-five to 64. they evened it up at one game apiece add a win. tony stewart stewart will reportedly retire
6:46 am
after 2016 season. he's supposed to make an official announcement on wednesday. he missed out on the chase for the sprint cup this year after posting zero winds. hit two top ten finishes. the mets have had a phenomenal rookie roster this year. because they made it to the playoffs doesn't mean they went without wearing under bruce. they were wearing, yes under ruse yesterday. nothing but under ruse. they escorted the first year players out of the ballpark and they had to walk to the team hotel like that. at least they got to where superhero logos. batman,. >> i think they look pretty
6:47 am
they have smiles on their faces, their kind of going along with it. >> i do remember i had them as a kid. i had aquaman and batman. >> maybe we can find some in your size. >> ben: superman, there's a lot of comic book heroes that are a lot round now that weren't around when i was a kid. >> well maybe we know what we are getting you for christmas. >> michael make no mistake duke
6:48 am
will stop at baby gap. >> speaking of birthdays, evan turned nine years old. with the pope in town and all that stuff, we could get everything. were trying to make up for it now. evan hope you had a great day. it is 56 at central park. a lot of clouds around the tri-state region. sixty in iceland. fifty-six and 55 in monticello. cloud cover around the tri-state area. rain is not an issue yet. we'll have a shot of rain coming later this week. it's a light stuff through the early morning tomorrow and then later on the day into wednesday that's when the soaker comes on. possibility of some thunderstorms with mostly cloudy skies.
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side. high of 79 degrees today, 78 degrees tomorrow. wednesday will be wet, and more chance of rain on saturday. you can get the live interactive radar on the fox of five and white weather app. we'll be right back . the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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>> we are back. coming up on the morning commute is a mess. street cleaning rules are suspended. meters are in effect. traffic jams eastbound. there is an accident which had it closed down for two hours. but everything is open now. here's a new problem, long island over the l ie westbound has two lanes of bass that traffic. as you get off of route three there is an accident. you have the un general simply going on so avoid sixtieths
6:53 am
fdr and seventh avenue. forty-second street often on-ramp will be closed. act you. >> and a gilligan is off today the rising hip-hop stars in the hospital after a crash. >> he was issued three traffic without a license, no registration, no insurance. the crash happened on saturday the day after the release of his debut album. pope francis got an unusual concession in philadelphia. >> ben: i saw this on tv. it was mark wahlberg about his unrated tv ted. the c14 singer singer told wahlberg how much he enjoyed, you saw this on tv.
6:54 am
that prompted him to for forgiveness. because i don't think that was appropriate. he said he hopes quote the good lord has a good sense of humor. now a quick look at her top story. >> treats his live at the united nations. >> reporter: good morning everyone. all eyes on pres. obama and the united nations. the pres. will be addressing the general assembly at 10:30 a.m. he will sit down with russia's president, glad amir putin to interesting high-profile events both centered around the war in syria and how to fight isis. the latest will be coming up on "good day new york". now let's head to midtown with robert moses. >> reporter: good morning. pope pope francis is back in rome this morning after his historic trip to the united states. he waved goodbye through the
6:55 am
on the tarmac. earlier he celebrated mass before 1 million people. he touched many on his trip to the u.s., including me. coming up on good deed "good day new york" i will tell you about our special meeting. >> no doubt robert had the most incredible week end here. rosana is standing by, that's it for us. >> stay with us, good day day new york is coming up. warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. royal caribbean's wow sale
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day new york.
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